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Praseodymium Applications


Praseodymium is a component of Mischmetal; in alloys that are used to make permanent magnets with cobalt and nickel; as a dopant to steel and other alloys. Praseodymium oxides are components of special glasses to protect eyes from sodium yellow color light as well as of UV and IR light in welder's and glass blower's goggles. They are also used in pigment for glass colouring and ceramic arts. \xD0\xA0raseodymium(III) and Cerium(IV) are the basis of optic lenses polishing abrasives, cracking catalysts. Praseodymium ions trigger laser excitation\xC2\xA0state. Praseodymium fluoride is also used as a laser material. Praseodymium monotelluride is used for corrections of rare earth-based thermoelectric alloys with thermo-EMF 52-55 microvolt/\xD0\x9A. Praseodymium-germanium (silicon) alloys are used as superconductors. Praseodymium is used in electro vacuum cathodes and magnetic cores.

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