Chemical elements
    Chemical properties
      Praseodymium fluoride
      Praseodymium chloride
      Praseodymium oxychloride
      Praseodymium bromide
      Praseodymium iodide
      Praseodymium bromate
      Praseodymium sesquioxide
      Praseodymium hydroxide
      Praseodymium dioxide
      Praseodymium sulphide
      Praseodymium sulphate
      Praseodymium dithionate
      Praseodymium selenite
      Praseodymium selenate
      Praseodymium tungstate
      Praseodymium nitride
      Praseodymium nitrate
      Praseodymium carbide
      Praseodymium carbonate
      Praseodymium ethylsulphate
      Praseodymium acetylacetonate
      Praseodymium oxalate
    PDB 1k0z-4flb

Praseodymium sulphide, Pr2S3

Praseodymium sulphide, Pr2S3, cannot be prepared by the usual methods, if entirely free from cerium; the sulphate, when heated in hydrogen sulphide, giving only praseodymium oxysulphide, Pr2O2S. If, however, the praseodymium sulphate contains a little cerous sulphate, the trisulphide, Pr2S3, and persulphide, Pr2S4, may be obtained as in the cases of cerium and lanthanum. The trisulphide is chocolate-brown in colour and has a density of 5.042 at 11° (Muthmann and Stutzel). The persulphide begins to lose sulphur at about 650°.

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